5 Key Issues to Consider in an International Divorce

Divorce is messy. It gets even worse if they are in a long-distance marriage situation due to work responsibilities. Cross-cultural marriages that will now be dissolved will also need the expertise of international divorce lawyers. Divorce and asset division laws vary in different countries.

Divorce has many procedures and therefore is time-consuming. Taking a day off from work and flying in over the weekend won’t cut it. You will need an international divorce attorney to help out both parties.

Here are five things to keep in mind as you undergo an international divorce:

Focus on your children

If you have kids, always keep them in focus during this stressful period. Put their interests first and foremost. Even if you hate each other so much, for the sake of your children, be cordial with each other. Learn and apply the strategies that will help your kids cope during this period. Figure out a workable arrangement that will allow your children to thrive and have proper visitation rights for the parent who might lose custody of the children.

Take it step by step

A divorce can take months to be completed, and there are many tasks involved. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Do each task your attorney say. Get it done without much emotion. Move on bit by bit. Before you know it, the process will be over. Keep your emotions in check and focus on getting things done.

Take note of the jurisdiction of the divorce

Select carefully which court will handle your divorce. The longer time it takes, the higher your court expenses will be.  If you’re an expat, you will have options as to the jurisdiction. Your choice will impact how the assets and income of your marriage will be divided. It is also easier to hide assets in different countries.  Definitions and rules on marital property, child support, child custody, and alimony depend on the country the divorce will be filed and be under jurisdiction.

One area in the law that is constantly evolving and complicated is the field of international family law. They should be able to handle cross-border documentation including financial analysis relating to the divorce in an efficient manner. Since the divorce proceedings will take the case in one country, it should be enforceable to the country of the other spouse. A competent specialist lawyer on international law will be able to handle this.


Some countries have alimony requirements. Alimony means spousal maintenance. Depending on the jurisdiction and divorce laws, there could be alimony exemptions. This is important because enforcement will be difficult if it’s only enforceable in one country. So try to have a deal with your spouse that will be smooth and agreeable to both parties.

Tax and Immigration issues

One aspect that could get tricky with international divorces involves taxes and immigration. Getting divorced for example in America would affect the expat spouse’s legal status to remain in the USA. A competent international divorce lawyer would help clarify the implications of the divorce regarding taxes and immigration.

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