Burn Injury Compensation: Why it’s Essential for Victims of Burns to be Compensated

Burns and explosion injuries are among the most frightening that people can experience. In addition to pain, tissue destruction and prolonged recovery, burn victims must often deal with the pain and complex psychological problems that arise as a result of their changed appearance.

Burn victims must undergo a painful removal of their skin and skin grafts. After surgery, they must endure months or years of physical therapy. If medical precautions are not taken, the burned parts may be completely immobile.

Common causes of burns

Serious burns are often the result of negligence that can take many forms, these are the most common cases:

  • A vehicle collision, causing an explosion.
  • A “controlled burn” gets out of control.
  • A defective water heater causes your house or apartment to catch fire.
  • A nightclub catches fire and burns many guests.
  • Improperly labelled chemicals explode in the garage.
  • A defective water heater causes your baby’s bath water to overheat, causing burns.

Serious burns, in other words, can occur in almost any situation, at home, at work or in other environments. If you suffer severe burns, you will want a specialist lawyer experienced in filing burn claims to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

The consequences

Life is in danger when severe burns affect vital organs, but as we said, the severity of the burns are not only due to the depth that it reaches the deterioration of the tissues, but also, to the extent of the affected surface and to the area where the burn is located.

The human body through its skin interacts with the environment by exchanging with it gases, vapours, and liquids, establishing a necessary balance for life.

The deterioration of the skin by burns reduces the surface of transfer of these substances and therefore the aforementioned exchange is affected, deteriorating seriously the metabolism of the body. Hence the importance of the extent of the body surface burned (BSB).

In very general terms, the following classification of the severity of burns according to their extent is applied:

  • Minor burns: BSB less than or equal to 15% of the body surface
  • Moderate burns: BSB between 15% and 25%
  • Severe burns. BSB between 25% and 50%
  • Deadly burns: BSB greater than 50%.

Finally, the burned area also influences the severity of the burn; the face, mouth, ears, throat, eyes, and genital areas can increase the severity of burn suffered. No one can determine before it occurs, how serious a burn will be, that’s why you have to adopt safe working practices at all times when working with fire, hot elements or strongly acidic or alkaline substances, in order to avoid such elements having the slightest possibility of damaging any part of the body, since if prevention is not exercised and an accident occurs, its consequences will always be out of our control.

Contact an expert burn injury lawyer

Because of all these problems, specialised lawyers often seek compensation for victims of negligence that have caused burn injuries. This involves filing claims for medical expenses, lost wages and salaries, pain and suffering, scars, loss of use of body parts, emotional damage, and in cases of wrongful death, funeral expenses and loss of consortium.

Ensure you seek legal advice from a specialist and experienced lawyer in relation to burns and how best to seek burn injury compensation for the injuries suffered.