Marrison Family Law- Understanding Divorce Laws In USA

In the USA, the laws relating to divorce differs from state to state. Divorce implies the legal termination of a marriage. It is a legal procedure that entails the involvement of a judge from a competent court of law. Once the marriage between two people is terminated they are single again and can marry another individual. The legal proceedings for a divorce needs to be filed in a family court of law. Both the parties to the suit must file relevant documents as evidence to the marriage when they are filing for divorce under a court of law.

Marrison Family Law- The legal implications of a divorce

Marrison Family Law is an esteemed legal firm in the USA and it helps people with divorce and other legal matters that relate to family law. When it comes to the matters of divorce, the professionals here state that divorce proceedings also cover child support, spousal support, property distribution and debt division. The laws of divorce differ and vary from state to state. When it comes to the termination of the marriage, the parties to the case need to display reason for its termination. There can be reasons like sterility, abandonment, imprisonment, insanity or adultery. Every state in the USA allows the couple to the marriage to apply for a no fault divorce. This is a divorce filed on the basis of irreconcilable differences between the spouses.

When it comes to child custody, the division of property and debts the competent court of law will take into consideration the behavior of both the spouses. In some states in the USA, divorce cases need a period of separation before the divorce. There are some states that also guide the couple to take therapy before they file for the divorce. This in turn may culminate into another category of the relationship between the two parties and is called separation.

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Asset distribution after a divorce

When it comes to the distribution of assets after a divorce, the courts of law will divide the property of the couple under two basic schemes- equitable distribution or community distribution. The states of the USA will determine the type of property distribution that the couple fall into. In case of the states that permit community distribution, both parties to the divorce will equally earn the property or money earned by either of them regardless of the fact as to which of the spouses acquired them from the start till the end of the date of separation.

The experts at Marrison Family Law say that in the case of equitable distribution, all the property that has been acquired during the marriage is fairly however not equally distributed between the couple. Here, the court of law will consider certain factors like the spouse’s contribution to the accumulation of the property, value of the asset, tax and other economic consequences of the distribution of the property. The court will also consider alimony payment, obligations for child support and the additional property that is subjected to equitable distribution of property in the divorce proceedings.

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