Proving Fault for An Accident

When it comes to the legality surrounding accidents, things can get a bit tricky. An accident can be something drastic, such as a car crash, or it can be something as simple as a slip and fall in a restaurant. If you are the victim of an accident, the number one concern should be proving liability. Here are a few of the steps you should take when preparing to deal with an accident case in court.

Important First Steps

The first thing to consider when determining liability is whether negligence or an intention to harm was present at the time of the accident. In the case of a slip and fall within a restaurant, the blame can most likely be placed on the company or an individual owner.

The question to ask yourself is whether a reasonable person would have been able to foresee this situation occurring. For example, the lack of a wet floor sign placed next to a slippery surface would be a clear case of negligence. Without supreme confidence that negligence or intention occurred regarding your accident, there is little hope that your case can be argued and won in court.

Proving Fault

Once you are fairly certain that liability does exist, the next step is to gather as much evidence as possible proving exactly that. If your accident is vehicle related, ensure that you get a written statement from the other person, as well as their license and insurance information. If the issue stems from an accident that occurred at somebody’s place of business, also ask for a written statement.

In both scenarios, you should be taking pictures of the scene to ensure that nothing can be changed later. Also, if any witnesses were present, get a statement from them as well and see if they would be willing to testify for you in court. In addition, you will want to consider a few more questions surrounding the incident, such as whether there may have been a reasonable justification for the accident, and whether poor lighting or visibility could possibly have contributed.

Hiring the Right Lawyer

After a majority of evidence has been gathered and all the proper questions have been asked and answered, it is time to consider obtaining a lawyer. MGInjuryLawyers are a great option when it comes to selecting an expert injury lawyer who knows what they are doing. If you and your lawyer can gather a substantial amount of evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the other person is at fault for your accident, then you will be well equipped when the time comes to present your case in a courtroom.

Overall, the best way to ensure that you will find success in the courtroom with an accident case is to make sure the right questions are being asked, and that the proper evidence is gathered. The process of proving liability in accident cases is complex and will require careful cooperation on the parts of both you and your lawyer. However, with the right planning and execution, you will be well on your way to a successful day in court.

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