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Since the introduction of SSD or Social Security Disability programs to the public, it has been the primary source of financial assistance to workers who are disabled and thus not be able to work. It tends to give relief and financial support to people in need for their medical bills and other expenses they experience on a daily basis. This program also helps in alleviating the disabled people suffering that has been brought by their serious illnesses.

As declared under the rules of the Social Security Disability program, people who have worked long enough and paid their SS taxes are qualified to apply for disability insurance claims. This is in spite of their age.  On the other hand, they should first meet all the requirements imposed by the SSA, which is the government organization responsible for implementing this program.

Disability, on Social Security perspective, is any illnesses that put a person off to engage in any substantial gainful activity. This disease should have also last, expected to last for one year, which is the minimum, or might lead to the death of the person.

In applying to disability claims, the disabled person is advised to read the following documents and information to accelerate the process:

  • Names addressed and phone number of hospitals, doctors, clinic, etc., attended to their diseases.
  • A summary of the person’s employment background for at least fifteen years and his job.

Due to these essential matters, the disabled person should consider hiring their respective Raleigh disability attorneys who are able to deal with these requirements. These disability lawyers might also increase the possibility of getting the best results.

Also, the Social Security Administration applies a five-month waiting period before it approves a petition. Thus far, if the disabled person died before the decision, the immediate family might continue the application in months before the death of their loved ones.

The actual benefits for a disability that a disabled worker might get will reliant on the amount of her or his earnings before she or he has sustained the ailment. This would signify that the high the monthly contribution is, the higher the monthly disability benefits would be. This amount might still increase, it all depends on the yearly inflation rate.

Nonetheless, Social Security disability claims are intended for temporary bad health conditions. For this reason, the Social Security Administration would surely stop sending claims in these cases:

  • If the beneficiary is already 65 years old, this is when retirement benefits might replace disability benefits.
  • Once the beneficiaries have already covered from disability, and able to get back to work to earn for the living on their own.

Then again, for proper representation and guidance in filing a disability claim with the Social Security Administration, using the aid of a professional and competent representative are must in order to ease the disabled workers further suffering.

Get a firm understanding or simply learn more about disability benefits and how it lessens the stress on disabled people with the assistance of professional and expert Raleigh disability attorneys that know how to successfully handle SSDI and SSI claims.

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