Starting A Business In The Netherlands After Following The Expense Norms And Tax Payments

If you are Starting a business in the Netherlands after going for your IND requirements, you need to get along with the limited liability platform. If you are trying to get in touch with the limited liability company as self-employed entrepreneur like the Dutch BV, you are likely to be the own employee of your firm. This BV is designed to pay for the corporate dividend tax and it has to be pay for the wage tax to the Dutch tax authorities for you, as their employee. The entrepreneur allowance is for the non-limited liability firms and not for the limited liability companies. So, you need to learn the differences first.

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Now for the expenses:

For the limited and non-limited liability companies, the expenses can easily be claimed as business ones. Costs like marketing, travel, communication, equipment, accountancy and even services from third party can be deducted from your side a business expenses. Some of the other costs like the study or the conference exhibition trips, dinner, gifts and other attendance costs will not be deducted fully and will be done under partial rate. Some of the prices, which are not at all deducted, are fines, clothes, personal items, general literature and personal computers.  

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For the tax services:

Before you get down in starting a business, it is time for you to learn more about the Dutch tax services as you have to follow that while trying a business in Netherlands. For that, you need to be aware of the actual meaning of MFFA Tax Advice and have to follow the same, right from the first till last. The tax advice is in Amsterdam and offers ranges of accounting and Dutch tax based services for foreign and even domestic taxpayers. You might have to get along with the team first for some help in business centric tax payment approaches.


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