The Benefits of a First Consult with your Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce and family lawyers have the expertise to provide you with information and advice you may so badly need through a particularly tumultuous process. If you are facing a separation, or even a divorce, you may suddenly be faced with an overwhelming number of questions around your children, your finances, your assets.

That first consultation with your divorce lawyer is your opportunity to gather the information that will inform future decisions. It’s also an opportunity for your lawyer to gather information about you and your circumstances. Here is a brief overview of what to expect from a first consult with your family lawyer:

  1. Information-gathering:

This is your opportunity to give your divorce lawyer as much information as possible about your marriage, your family, your history, your concerns, your expectations. Maximise the time by preparing a list of questions, concerns and basic details around your marital finances and assets. Information-gathering is important as it will inform the advice you get and the possible options available to you going forward.  

  1.  Advice and Options:  

Based on the information you provide, your lawyer can then offer realistic advice on what the law is and how it is generally applied in cases similar to yours.

Your divorce lawyer will most likely offer options and make suggestions that will direct you thorough the initial phases of the divorce process. This may include simple, yet effective, steps you can take immediately to protect yourself, your family, and your finances, to specific steps you should take so that you’re in the best position possible for a successful outcome.

  1. Make a Plan:

Some divorces are fairly straightforward, with a relatively easy and amicable conclusion – best case scenario – but seasoned divorce lawyers are also experienced enough to deal with hostile, less amicable divorce proceedings.

By the end of your first consultation, your divorce lawyer will give you feedback on your goals and expectations highlight potential risks you may face along the way and arm you with a basic roadmap to help you achieve your goals. They will also prepare you for the best and worst case scenarios. This will enable you to manage your budget and your expectations.

Family law is as complex as the relationships it regulates; anything from pre-nuptial and binding financial agreements to shared parenting, adoption, and wills. That first consultation is your opportunity to gather information, seek guidance, and explores your options as your solicitor guides and advises you along the way.

Make the most of that first consultation. Ask the difficult questions, raise your concerns and find out what your options are. Your lawyer can support you by making the legal side as simple as possible but it’s up to you to reap the full benefits of the first consultation by gathering knowledge about what to expect to ensure that you are better prepared emotionally, mentally and financially, for what’s ahead.

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