The Popular Divorce Lawyers in Australia

The stress a person has to handle during the time of divorce or separation is very high. It gets increased when there is some legal assistance needed to meet the court intervention. So the selection of the divorce lawyer has to be done with great care so that the person who faces the stressful challenges can have a partner to share all that. A divorce lawyer with a friendly approach can turn the burdensome of divorce proceedings hassle-free. There are numerous divorce lawyers in Australia who give their best services to the clients. The brief decryptions about some of them are given below:

  • NLS Law

The team prefer mediation always which is not commonly done by the legal break up advocates in Australia. This method is not beneficial for the counsels as it gives them a less profit. But, it prevents expensive delays and gives mutually benefited results. The best outcome can be brought only if the lawyer listens and understands each case which is with each specification. The tailor-made solutions can only properly lead the case to the desired results. The experience of the lawyers in practising and representing the clients in various level courts is also remarkable which makes them asked for than marital annulment barristers in Australia. . The various courts of practise of the leading lawyers are:

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  1. Family Court (Australia),
  2. Federal Court (Australia),
  3. Federal Circuit Court (Australia),
  4. High Court (Australia),  
  5. Children’s Court (Australia)
  6. Local court (New South Wales)
  7. District court (New South Wales)
  8. Supreme court (New South Walea)
  9. Court of Appeal (New South Wales)
  10. Administrative appeals (Tribunal)
  11. Administrative decisions (Tribunal)

This separation advocates in Australia team has their offices in Newcastle (Brunker Road) and Melbourne (Lonsdale Street).  The solicitor director of the team is Neisha Shepherd. The other advocates in the team are Leah Smart (family law specialist), Sarah Martz (associate solicitor-senior), Jessica Fordham, Lucy Hollard, Margaret Wood, Audra Bard and Ayden Shepherd.

The team have arrangements for the parenting issues and the property settlements of the clients. The other expertise areas of the team are:

  1. Parenting matters
  2. Relocation
  3. Parenting agreements (shared)
  4. Family violence
  5. Child abuse
  6. Maintenance of the spouses and
  7. Child support

They also give their services for adoption and surrogacy matters. The sound advice of the lawyers who are experienced in the family law litigation can bring the desired results easily and in cost effective ways.

  • Optic lawyers

The team has services provided across New South Wales and the head office is situated in Australia CBD. The main advantage of the team over the other marital abrogation counsels in Australia is the approachable attitude of the lawyers in the team. They take the time to completely understand the legal issues present in the facts and stories given by the clients. After the analysis, the experienced and trained specialists in the team gives the clients tailor made solutions. The lawyers get regular training to make sure that they are second to none.  


There are many such proficient divorce lawyers in Australia who are famed for their flawless services in family law.


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