The Top Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

In fact, there are infinite criminal lawyers in this world. But, it is a wonder fact that the most efficient ones are the criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Each defense barrister in Melbourne has his or her own specifications which make them different. The brief descriptions of the distinguished criminal advocates within Melbourne are noted below:

Ngm lawyers

The main attraction of this lawyer team is the twenty four hours legal advice through telephone. The team has become the most trusted culprit’s pleaders in Melbourne with the fifty years experience of litigation. They are in the frontline of the Australian criminal lawyers. ‘Ngm’ is an abbreviation for Nyman Gibson and Miralis who are the leading advocates in the team. Perhaps, the team has handled the largest and most perplexed criminal cases in Australia. The areas which the team has expertise is noted below:

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    1. Murder
    2. Offenses related to drug consumption
    3. Supply of drugs

  1. Laundering of money
  2. Crimes in the corporate field
  3. Fraud
  4. Sexual assaults
  5. Assaults

The accused’s counsels around Melbourne in the team will take the time to carefully analyse the case in their hand to find out of the escape clauses to make the winning effortlessly. All the masterful movements of the lawyers have become the most efficient offender’s solicitor in Melbourne. Another attraction of the team is that they explain both the strength and weakness of the team to the clients which make the client aware about the direction of the case. They aim to give the strategic advises early to prevent the bringing of any criminal charges. All the strategies applied by the team are forward thinking which have been built on the substantial experience in litigation. This ensures the successful results of the team. The white collar offences are also handled by the team. The expertise of the team, in corporate crimes is noted below:

  1. Domestic bribery
  2. Foreign bribery
  3. Embezzlement
  4. Offences related to taxation
  5. Dishonesty offences

The main advantage of the firm over the other outlaw’s attorneys within Melbourne is that they have expertise in the global criminal law (transnational) like

  1. Law of anti-money laundering
  2. Extradition law
  3. Mutual assistance
  4. International forfeiture
  5. Anti-terrorism
  6. Cyber crime
  7. E-crime

The lawyers in Melbourne have expertise in sharing the work with the individuals who are being examined by the authorities by various agencies like USA, Europe, China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Cyprus, Russia, Mexico, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The next feature which makes them different from the other sinner advocates in Melbourne is that they travel to the foreign country to make sure that the cases are managed well strategically by them.


The team also have knowledgeable idea about how to appear and present in the court since they have great experience in appearing many courts like Supreme Court, Appeal courts and High courts. These are the main features which make them special among the criminal lawyers in Melbourne.


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