What does the Oxford Party Wall Survey Implies in General Sense?

Surveys in the usual sense are investigations to get into the depth of details. Party Wall surveys in specific refer to the examination carried out by an experienced and a designated surveyor to find the causes behind disruption or damages to neighbouring homeowners. These types of damages usually occur when one of the property owner has decided to go for home renovation, and this renovation project has a structure shared with the adjoining neighbour.  Choice of surveyor becomes quite important here. Every county has its own experienced surveyor, and Jason Edworthy Party Wall surveyor is undoubtedly the best option in Oxford. The company has been involved in Oxford Party Wall survey for many years, and this experience has made company stand out in the service.

Appropriate Time for Party Wall Surveys

Your plans for building or altering structures on shared property boundary requires you to send a formal notification to neighbouring homeowners. However, there is not need for you to tell the homeowners living adjacent to your home about non-intrusive and all other minor works.  

Party Wall Survey in Oxford

Living in an intellectual area like Oxford is a pleasurable experience that is worth enjoying. But, if you have Party Wall issues, this pleasurable experience is not going to be a sustainable experience altogether. Party Wall issues will make you think of hiring the services of surveyor. Here are a few works, which are required and included within the Party Wall Survey:

Not all types of works fall within the Party Wall etc. Act. Minor repairs, renovations, excavation of drain pipe, making insertion of new wall sockets, or installation of new shelves or re-plastering of walls and project works of similar nature do not come within Act.  

However, there are plethora of construction works, which require initial planning and huge construction come directly under the Party Wall etc. Act. These works include:

  • Foundation excavations that are within the perimeter of three meters from the neighbouring properties and where access to drainage system is required;
  • Founding excavations inside the perimeter of six meters and at an angle of forty-five degrees to the base of the foundation;
  • Increasing the elevation or making modifications to support existing wall;
  • Construction of a new wall over the division between two houses;
  • Replacement or re-construction of Party Wall either in part or complete;
  • Making an adaptation to wall and the bearing beam.

A Party Wall Surveyor is a professional, who has the experience in managing as well as resolving the disputes occurring out of construction, between the neighbours. Surveying the dispute begins after the proposal of construction or modification in Party Wall has not been settled.

And if you are living in doubt whether you should approach the Party Wall surveyor or not, give yourself a little time.  You need to search for a surveyor who is good at negotiating with building owners and the neighbours. The surveyor should maintain a relationship with your neighbours. Make sure you are going out for the appropriate surveyor.

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