Why Hire Immigrant Lawyer for Canadian Permanent Residency?

There is no such rule that you should hire a lawyer to apply for Canadian permanent residency. It is seen that many candidates do apply on their own, and they succeed, but some of them face unnecessary delays,or they are denied.

When you are deciding about going becoming Canadian Permanent Resident, you are also at the same time deciding about a huge step in your life which will change you and your family’s living standard.

The process depends on third-party officer’s assessment and reviews and rates each case. This is a time-consuming process and costly too.

The policies and procedures go on changing depending on the government on the chair then. So, when the immigration officer decides on the candidate, he or she will consider all the issues guided by government manuals. The decisions at times are challenged in the court by lawyers.

The government encourages the candidates to apply without seeking any help from a lawyer. But the fact is that a good lawyer, such as Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer, Toronto, protects the rights of the applicant.

The Difference between Lawyer and Consultant?

Consultants give advice; whereas, lawyers are licensed to perform legal functions, including:

  • Drafting of documents
  • Make a correct assessment and application of the law
  • Can provide legal advice
  • Clients are represented in the court through lawyers

Credentials a lawyer should have to practice:

  • Bachelor’s degree in law from any recognized university.
  • Examinations of law admission.
  • Internship or training under any practicing lawyer.

Professional Order of Lawyers (POL) regulates the conduct of lawyers in Canada.

Rules of POL:

  • Lawyers should have separate bank accounts for fees taken from the client.
  • Layers should stay obliged towards their clients.
  • Mandate performance.

If any of the rules mentioned aboveare broken, the lawyer’s license might be cancelled from practicing anymore, or he/she can be suspended.

An immigration lawyer charging fees to their client for advice must have a membership of any of the following:

  • Chambre des notariés du Québec
  • Provincial law society or territorial law society
  • ICCRC or Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Till 2011, the ICCRC was known as the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC).

But for an immigrant consultant in Canada, the process is very easy. They don’t need education of any standard, or they aren’t even scrutinized under any authority of same standards as are the lawyers.

If a client finds that he or she is not represented rightly, he or she can file a complaint with POL, which will take action after investigation and provide compensation to the client for irregularities.

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