Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney is an individual that provides a legal representation and support to people who have been injured in an accident. This attorney helps injured victims to pursue compensations when an accident occurs.

Personal injury cases will normally include motor accidents, dog bites, and other related accidents that inflict injuries on people. A personal injury attorney can handle other forms of cases like aviation accidents, boat accidents, etc. They can also handle cases involving premise liability.

When you hire an Orlando personal injury attorney like Cohen Law Group, you will stand a better chance of getting compensation that covers your medical expenses, loss of income, emotional distress, mental difficulty, etc.

Below are what a personal injury attorney does and why you need one.

  • Investigating Claims

Personal injury attorneys work on contingency fee basis in which they charge an attorney’s fee after the successful completion of a case. These attorneys take great care in screening their clients, this is done to ensure that their claims are legitimate and worth pursuing.

  • Evidence Gathering

They assist their clients to gather evidences that will further strengthen their claims. This job may involve acquiring a police report. A Personal injury attorney may also track down witnesses and collect their statements. Orlando personal injury attorneys will go the extra mile by taking pictorial evidences of the accident reports.

Evidences may establish liability for that caused the accident and the degree of damage suffered by the plaintiff.

  • Negotiating With Insurance Providers

A lot of people are not skilled in negotiations hence they tend to lose what is rightfully theirs. Negotiating is what personal injury attorneys do on a daily basis. They can help to review the policy details and determine the maximum level of compensation that may be available based on the particular situation of the case.

A personal injury attorney may also handle all the communications with the insurance company in order to ensure that the injured victims have all of their claims gotten and nothing is lost.

  • Sending Demand Letters

A personal injury attorney may also send a demand letter to your insurance provider after your claim has been carefully investigated. This letter will normally contain the real facts surrounding the accident and the demand for certain amount of money in damages.

  • Representing Clients In Court

This is one of the benefits of hiring an Orlando personal injury attorney. If your case eventually goes to court, our personal injury attorney will represent you in court. Our personal injury attorneys are familiar with certain court procedures and will ensure that those procedures are complied with in order to make sure your case runs smoothly.

It is important you hire a personal injury attorney in situations where an accident occurs that leaves you with certain degrees of injuries. That attorney will ensure you have a level playing field and will help you gather evidences to support your claims. Have you or anyone dear to you involved in an accident? Do you know you can claim compensations? Contact us immediately!

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